The Poggio Leano Way



The "Poggio Leano Way"... Old World influence on New World products!

It is very important to creator, Alessandro "Alex" Prestifilippo, to stay true to his origin, history, culture and family, therefore, Poggio Leano provides nothing less then authentic, Old World style production of all products. 

It starts from the "ground" up. Literally, the GROUND. Choosing where to plant and what to plant is the start of growing a well rounded, high quality product. From fruit trees, to vegetables, to olives to grapes, matching the plant to the soil, optimizes the quality and results in decadent crops!

De Luz, California, where Poggio Leano properties reside, has proven to be rich in soil and climate. In the testing, we found that there is a great amount of clay and rock in the soil. The clay support healthy growth of grapes and grapes benefit from moisture balancing amendments. The rocky element adds to the mineral and is a huge asset in the draining process. 

The climate is important as well, in growing all vegetation. DeLuz has the elevation to capture the cool moisture of the air, plus the movement of the ocean breeze, full sunlight and heat in the early day and then drops back down in the evening offering a microclimate that grapes especially thrive on. 

Dr. Marco Cavalieri, an Agronomist from Italy, consults with Alex on a monthly basis, testing the soil, examining the climate and selecting the exact match of root stock and clones for the optimal results. While Dr. Cavalieri is here, he and Alex walk the properties, study the growth and decide on the type of pruning, cultivating, etc., that is best for the particular varietals grown for Poggio Leano wines. 

Besides the fact that we have found great success in the consulting and location of our vineyards, groves and gardens, we are completely self sufficient. Our wine, olive oil and vegetables are grown entirely at our 4 properties! We do not outsource for any of our wines, making them 100% Temecula grown products. 

For over 2000 years, Italy has produced some of the most favorite wines in all of the world. Keeping with that historical tradition of Old World style farming and adding passion, heart and hands on management, Poggio Leano has developed it's unique nitch in the Southern California Wine and agriculture world. Producing products full of the highest quality in every way, we are proud to share this Old World Italy influence and flavor with you! 

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We love every bit of the Poggio Leano experience...The Food, Wine, people and fun!!!!

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Club Member

The products are amazing and you can taste the autheticity in them. The club is like non other in the area. Best kept secret in Temecula!

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