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Poggio Leano Suites... what is it all about?

Welcome to Sicily, one of the best kept secrets of Italy! Well, not anymore! Alex and Poggio Leano Wine Club is offering YOU an opportunity to escape to Italy; Sicily-Style!

For the first time, a wine club, OUR wine club, is offering its PASSPORT club members a FREE WEEK STAY in the Poggio Leano Suites, Piazza Armerina, Sicily! What’s so special about Piazza Armerina and Poggio Leano Suite? We’ll tell you…

In the early 1900’s Alex’s great grandfather, Nonno Paternico`, a local school teacher in town, built a 4 story complex in the heart of Piazza Armerina, Sicily, Italy, an area called, Piazza Marconi. Piazza Marconi is the first piazza in the city, and from Poggio Leano Suites, you are just footsteps away from what will be a truly authentic Sicilian experience.

In this family built apartment complex on Via Anzaldi, there were 4 levels. Alex’s Nonno Paternico` would raise his family in this special place. In the years to come, his daughter (Alex’s grandmother Maria) would stare out the window into the piazza where she would fall in love with her future husband, Nonno Ciccio, and together they would live in this same home and give birth and raise their 5 children (3 girls and twin boys, one of who is Alex’s father, Salvatore) until they moved to Catania, Sicily when the children were in their teens.

After the younger generation had moved to Catania, eventually the older generations would pass on, leaving the building empty. It sat empty, inherited by the 5 grand children of Nonno Paternico` until 3 years ago, when Alex approached his father and his siblings about buying it from them to renovate it and keep it in the family for years to come. They agreed to the sale and this incredibly special complex is now proudly owned by Alex and his family.


Alex dreamed to renovate it to its original state, so he hired an architect friend, who he diligently worked with to tear down the old and build the new, bringing back the original “liberty” design from the early 1900’s.

The renovation is now complete and Alex has decided to share this piece of his history with his Poggio Leano wine club members!


In the “Passport” club, members receive 5 bottles of wine and 1 liter of Olive Oil 4 times a year AND a FREE week stay in Poggio Leano SUITES in Piazza Armerina!

A week stay in one of the 5 gorgeous suites nestled in the heart of the city, American amenities, suggestions of what to do and where to go, and a visit or 2 by Alex’s Mom, Mirella and possibly his Dad Toto` too!

During your stay, you can start your experience of Piazza Armerina, right there at the door of your suite…

Walk out from the ally into the cobblestone street, take less than 20 steps to enter the Piazza Garibaldi. On your left, you will find the city Cultural center. Across the street from there, you can visit one of the many beautiful 100 churches of Piazza Armerina, maybe attend a service on a Sunday morning. To the right of the church you enter into a beautiful courtyard where you will be surrounded by Piazza Armerina City Hall. Don’t hesitate to stop and read the signs that explain the historical buildings history.

Exit back out from the courtyard and satisfy your morning appetite with a local breakfast tradition. At Alex’s friend Toto`’s “Bar” enjoy a Lemon, Chocolate or Gelsi granita, a typical frozen treat served with a sweet roll called a brioche. Sit on the patio and look at the surroundings of Piazza Garibaldi and watch the daily habits of the locals as they go to the bank or other shops within the piazza. Some may be stopping into visity Alex’s cousin, Maurizio Prestifilippo, the Pharmacist. You should stop in too, and say “hello” and check out all the products he has to offer, who knows, you might need something!

And DON'T forget your souvenirs! There’s plenty of little souvenirs shops where you can purchase gifts for your family and friends back home, like t-shirts, limoncello, volcano ash jewelry, almond liqueur, pistachio pesto, fico di india liqueur (prickly pear/cactus fruit) and MORE!

By this time, you might be ready to try some locally grown and produced wine! As wine lovers, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to taste a delicious Nero D`Avola, a Sicilian signature favorite or maybe a Sicilian white, like a Inzolia, Chardonnay and Cataratto (a white that Poggio Leano is currently growing).

Take a couple bottles back to your suite and toast to the Piazza Armerina sunset!

Sign up today! Space is limited and demand is HIGH!

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