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- One hundred percent. The age of blackjack is not to be seen, - I nodded in the affirmative, skipping deaf ears. “Only they’re not nuns, they’re like schoolgirls.”

“Interestingly, does my Edik also like those, more modest, or still hotter?” – flashed a caustic thought in my head

Volodka waved his hand at me in response, saying, what difference does it make, how to call someone, and turned to the stage:

– Bravo! Bunny! Let's! Let's! Above!

The sounds of the cancan sounded even faster, even more incendiary. Schoolgirl nuns, swinging their skirts, disappeared to the screams and hooting of the audience, and half a minute later a dancer in erotic red lingerie and black fishnet stockings ran onto the stage, screeching. Their long legs in 15 cm heels also flew up to the ceiling in a dashing dance.



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