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Passport to Sicily Club: Update on The Sicily Suites

We are excited to announce the Sicily Suites are nearing finish! Alex and Charity have been picking finishes and organizing construction from a far for the last several months, but we finally have a finish date! YAY! We're happy to announce that date will be October 31, 2016.

So what does this mean for our Passport to Sicily Club Members? That means we are one step closer to being able to start booking your stays in 2017! If you are not yet a Passport Club Member, you may want to consider becoming one very soon. We are going to top out the Passport Club at 250 members. When we reach that number, the club will close and interested parties will be added to a wait list. Basically at that point, you'll just have to hope that people don't fall in love with Italy and all the Passport Club has to offer!

Once the project is all finished with construction, Alex and Charity will be heading to Sicily to finalize and personalize all the finishing touches on the suites. Soon thereafter, Alex will be headed back to Sicily with our friend and videographer, Loreto Di Cesare. Together, they will be putting together a film that we know you are going to love! They're going to show you everything from the moment you exit the plane, to the drive to the Piazza Armerina, the Poggio Leano Suites, the charming town, the attractions and more!

In December, we will put together an evening for our Passport Members to come and learn how to book their vacation time and you'll also get to view the video Alex and Loreto are making! We should be able to start booking suites in late December/Early January for 2017. All the details will be revealed in December.

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