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Alex Prestifilippo and his family have been growing their property into a Sicilian Estate since 2003. Alex has agriculture in his blood. With a Sicilian heritage and upbringing, it was a natural desire to bring his passion and love for it to his newfound home in the states. Selecting his home property was based mainly on finding a property that suited his vision.


Planted on their Estate property is Leccino, Biancolilla Di Sicilia, Nocellara Del Belice, Frantoio, Pendolino, Sevillano, Arbequina Olives, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Nero D'Avola, Malbec, Pinot Noir, Cataratto, Aglianico, Montepulciano, Sagrantino, Pinot Grigio, Catarratto, and Moscato Canelli grapes along with a vast variety of fruits and vegetables. Using only their own harvest, they produce wine and olive oil. The Prestifilippo family now grows grapes on 27 acres.


In addition to the vineyard and Wine Room, they distribute the wine and olive oil at the family-owned restaurants: Gourmet Italia, Spuntino pizzeria, and Bottega Italia.

Charity, Alex's wife, has been very involved in opening and running several of the family businesses. She now runs her non-profit called Charity for Charity. Mimi, Alex's daughter, manages Poggio Leano Beach Resort in Sicily. Luca and Logan, the Prestifilippo sons, are going to college. Luca is a business student at Chapman University. Logan has aspirations of learning the wine industry. Ivan, Mimi's fiance, is one of the founders of Alveria brewery.

Poggio Leano Wine Room and Lounge Gourmet Italia Bollicine Sparkling Wine Temecula



It is very important to Alex, our founder, to stay true to his origin, history, culture, and family; therefore, Poggio Leano provides nothing less then authentic, Old-World style production of all products.


De Luz, California, where Poggio Leano properties reside, has proven to be rich in soil and climate.​ Dr. Marco Cavalieri, an Agronomist from Italy, consults with Alex to test the soil, examine the climate, and select the exact match of root stock and clones for the optimal results for the particular varietals grown for Poggio Leano wines.


Poggio Leano is completely self-sufficient. The wine, olive oil and vegetables are grown entirely at our 5 properties!


For over 2000 years, Italy has produced some of the most favorite wines in all of the world. Keeping with that historical tradition of Old-World style farming and adding passion and hands-on management, Poggio Leano has developed it's unique niche in the Southern California Wine and agriculture world. We produce products full of the highest quality in every way. We are proud to share this Old-World Italy influence and flavor with you!

Poggio Leano Vineyards De Luz Temecula Olive Tree Wine Vines



Poggio Leano has 5 properties located in De Luz, California in the Temecula Wine Region where we grow grapes and olives to produce our 15 varietals of wine and olive oils.


  • Avenida Del Diablo

  • Sandia Creek-East

  • Via Vaquero

  • Via Encantada

  • Sandia Creek-West

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