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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship anywhere in the United States of America where permitted by law. For international shipment inquiries, please email poggioleano@gmail.com.


Q: Can I customize the wines in my shipment?

A: The wines in each shipment are chosen by our founder. If you have a preference of a blended shipment or red wines only, we can accommodate!


Q: Can I put my shipment on hold while I am on vacation?

A: Absolutely! If you'd like to put your shipment on hold, please email poggioleano@gmail.com.


Q: How do I cancel my membership and are there any penalties?

A: You are able to cancel after four shipments without penalty. If you would like to cancel before four shipments,  you will be charged a $75 administration fee. The cancellation must be in writing (sent via email or letter) 15 days prior to billing. Please see our Terms and Conditions.


Q: Can I pick up my wine instead of shipping?

A: Yes, you have the option to pick up any and all shipments at the Poggio Leano Wine Room and Lounge at 27497 Ynez Road, Temecula, CA 92592.


Q: What is different about Poggio Leano Wine Club compared to others?

A: Poggio Leano is the only wine club in the United States that offers accommodations in Sicily, Italy! Learn more about our Passport to Sicily Wine Club Membership here.

Additionally, our wines are offer a different, deluxe flavor that some can not offer due to the climate and soil in De Luz.


Q: Can I change my club selection after signing up?

A: Yes, you are able to upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time without penalty. If you would like to switch your membership type, please email poggioleano@gmail.com.

If your question(s) have not been answered, please email poggioleano@gmail.com.