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​Here's a guide to the city of Piazza Armerina and surrounding areas: 

Interesting Towns Near Piazza

Catania: The Fish Market, nearby there is the Cathedral and many places to eat the Typical Sicilian Granita

Caltagirone: 146 Steps, Famous for buying Authentic Italian Ceramics.

Taormina: Stroll along the main street, Corso Umberto 1, and if time allows, visit the Greco-Roman Theater that has Mt. Etna as it’s backdrop. On the way back, you‘ll want to drive up to the castle, Castelmola. You’ll also want to stop at Capomulini for lunch on the deck above the sea at Le Terrazze. 

Piazza Armerina

There are so many things to do and see in Piazza, you’ll love this charming town on the hill!

Make sure you take time to walk through Piazza…don’t use a car; it’s hard to find parking and the streets are small. It’s a very safe town, you’ll definitely want to take it all in!

There are Poggio Leano cards in the suites for you to use when you go around town and to any of our recommended places. Make sure you take a card and give it to the restaurant/shop to let them know you’re one of our guests! 


Things to do in Piazza

Visit the Theater…especially if there is a play!

Visit the Cathedral

Go see the Mosaics…it’s an UNESCO World History Site

Visit the local museums; there are a few

For Dining/Shops

Seminato:  For Olive Oil and souvenirs. IN Via Umberto 38, Piazza Armerina

Bar Ottantasette: For delicious Italian apertit by Mimi’s friends. They know you are coming!

Il Goloso: Lunch/Dinner; they’ll prepare your pasta in front of you for $6. Just down the way from the suites at Via Garaon. 4

Danino: Dinner-great pizza and steaks

Amici Miei: Dinner. (Be sure to let them know who you are! They are great people!) Located Under the Poggio Suites at Largo Capodarso. 5 

Da Toto’: Very close to the suites, wonderful Primi Piatti and Pizza


Alex’s Suggestions

Alex suggests that once you arrive to Sicily, that you go visit all the surrounding towns and everywhere you’d like to see the first couple days; then plan on enjoying Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Piazza Armerina to really relax and enjoy the town. 

Here’s a suggestion from Alex for your Thursday in Piazza:

Start your day with breakfast at Toto’ which is on the left of the Family Pharmacy for a typical Sicilian coffee and breakfast. 

Make sure you go to the Thursday Farmer’s Market-it’s a treat! You’ll hear people yelling, selling and you can buy all kind of things quite inexpensively. Make sure you pick up some socks and underwear; they’re some of the best you can find!

Next have lunch and head back to the Poggio Leano Suites at 2pm for a nap. This is a true Italian treat! Live like the Italians do everyday, enjoying a couple hours of leisure! 

At 4:30pm, head out into town again and visit the Farmer’s Museum. 

For dinner, visit Danino. They have great pizza and steaks. 

After dinner, walk through town up and down the lit streets. Stop into the Highlander Pub at Villetta Plaza and see Alex’s friends who own it!

Head back to the Poggio Leano Suites where you’ll finish you night in our Catina. Choose your wine from our selection of over 100 different Sicilian wines. On your iPad in your room, you’ll click on the Wine application and go through the instructions. You’ll enter the wine you’ve selected (all prices are there) and you’re credit card on file will be charged for your purchase. 

Relax and get a great nights sleep.

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